3rdbell Responsive Video Blogger Template


If you are looking for a professional website for your vlog using blogger, the 3rdbell video blogger template is one of the best template to use. 3rdbell is a Professional, high quality and Responsive Video Blogger Template which is specially designed for video sites , video bloggers and video makers. You should easily show your videos with grid style. 3rdbell is a most powerful and fast loading video blogger template for video sites. 3rdbell supports Streaming from youtube and vimeo video embed code.

    FEATURES of 3rdbell Video Blogger Template

    • Powerful Admin Panel
    • Responsive Design
    • SEO Optimized
    • Ads Ready 
    • Well Documentation
    • 10 Home Layout Box(Pro only)
    • News Ticker
    • Bigframe Player
    • Posts View Counter
    • Featured Post widget (Pro only)
    • Most Recent Widget
    • Most Viewed Widget
    • Featured Slider
    • Subscribe box
    • Related Posts
    • Custom 404 page
    • Remove Footer Credit (Pro Only)
    • Premium Support (Pro Only)
    • Lifetime Template Update (Pro Only)
    • Onetime Payment (Pro Only)
    • No Encrypted Scripts (Pro Only)

    SCREENSHOT of 3rdbell Video Blogger Template

    INFORMATION of 3rdbell Video Blogger Template

    How to Install Blogger Templates: Click Here
    Template name : 3rdbell - Video Blogger Template
    Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
    Author :  Msdesignbd

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    Ways to Embed Youtube Video in Blogger/Blogspot Posts


    Adding pictures to your blog will make your content more encouraging to visitors reading your blog. It actually add life to the content. However, adding videos to your content makes it more interesting for your visitors to read your blog. Readers nowadays, they are having fun of reading but at the same they want to see in action/live the things that they are reading at. The idea there is when your a writing/blogging as much as possible it is supported by proved and adding video is one of the best method to do it.
    Ways to Embed Youtube Video in Blogger Posts

    This blog (vblogger-templates.blogspot.com) provides you with free Video Blogger Templates that you can use to start video blogging. But in terms of adding Youtube videos in your post, this tutorial is the best way to guide you on how easily you can Embed Youtube video in Blogger Post.

      There are several ways of adding YouTube videos in blogger, but we will try to discuss all possible ways so you can decide which one suits you the most.

      Method #1: Add YouTube Videos using Embed Code

      One of the most used method to add YouTube videos in your blog posts is by using embed code.

      1. 1. Firstly go to YouTube.com and open any video that you would like to embed. 
      2. 2. Now, click on the SHARE icon
        Ways to Embed Youtube Video in Blogger Posts

      3. 3. New window options appear below, Since we want to get the embedded code of the video, select “Embed” from the tab menu and copy the entire code as you can see in the screenshot below: 
        Ways to Embed Youtube Video in Blogger Posts

      4. 4. After copying the YouTube video embed code, go to Blogger >> Add New Post >> Select HTML tab >> paste the embed code in the HTML Editor.

        Ways to embed Youtube video in Blogger Posts
      5. 5. You can change the width or height based on your needs. Once you are happy with your video, press the publish button.

      Method #2: Add YouTube Videos using Share Button

      YouTube allows you to directly share their videos on your Blogger blogs through their “Share to Blogger” feature that is provided to every video that is uploaded on blogger.

      1. 1. To directly share YouTube videos to your Blogger site, go to YouTube.com and open up any video that you like.
      2. 2. Now, click on the SHARE icon. 
      3. Ways to Embed Youtube video in Blogger Posts

        1. 3. You will now notice a bunch of social networking sites that you can choose to share the video. Since you want to share this video to your Blogger site, click on “Blogger icon” as you can see in the screenshot below:

        2. 4. After clicking on Blogger Icon, a new window will pop out. From the list of your blogs, select which blog you want to share this video and press the “Publish post” button.
        Ways to add Youtube video in Blogger Posts

        Method #3: Add YouTube Videos using “Insert a Video” option in Blogger

        Probably the easiest way to add YouTube videos in blogger is to use the built-in “Insert a Video” feature that is provided in blogger post editor.
        1. 1. Go to Blogger >> Add a New Post and Click on the “Insert a Video” icon.
          Ways to Embed youtube video in blogger posts

        2. 2. Since we want to add a video from YouTube, select “From YouTube” from the list of multiply options that you can use to insert videos into your blog posts.
          Ways to Embed youtube video in blogger posts

        3. 3. In the search box, type a title of the video or search for any video. Once searching is complete, click on the video thumbnail and press the “Select” button to add it in your blog post.
          Ways to Embed youtube video in blogger posts

        4. 4. Once you’re satisfied, press Publish button.

        That's it. We hope that this tutorial can guide you all the way in Embedding Youtube video in your blog. If you like this tutorial please share and like us on Facebook and Twitter.
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        How to Embed VIMEO videos in Blogger?


        How to Embed VIMEO videos in Blogger?

        Since this blog focuses on video blogging, this tutorial will show how to embed VIMEO video in blogger. What is Vimeo? Vimeo is an ad-free open video platform that is headquartered in New York City. The company provides creators with tools and technology to host, distribute and monetize videos. (Wikipedia)


        Embedding Video:

        This is a straightforward process.

        1. You go into your Vimeo account or Vimeo Website and choose the video you want to embed. Then you will see a black rounded icon with a paper airplane: Click that button.

        How to Embed VIMEO videos in Blogger?

        2. A dialog box appears with share and embedding options. Since we want to embed the video, we are only interested in the Embed options. At the bottom right, click Show options:

        How to Embed VIMEO videos in Blogger?

        3. The panel enlarges after clicking on the link. Scroll down a little until you see the options just below your video:

        How to Embed VIMEO videos in Blogger?

        Setting Up VIMEO Video:

        You can test various options which show in realtime on your video.

        How to Embed VIMEO videos in Blogger?

        Generally, you will want to set the Fixed Size according to the width of your page or You can select Responsive, wherein your video size will automatically adjust on your page. When you change a value in either the width or height, the related value changes in relation with the dimensions (aspect ratio) of your video.

        You can change the Color as well. This influences the color of the Text on top of the video. This way, you can adapt the color to match your site. Select a predefined color (little boxes) or use the color selector to create a custom color

        The Intro has 3 options: Portrait (which is your Vimeo avatar), Title (of the video) and Byline (author name).

        Special Stuff:
        Special stuff determines the behavior of the video player. This is quite self-explanatory: For instance, if you want the video to start playing automatically upon page load, tick the Autoplay this video box.

        4. When you are done, you can select the embedding code:

        How to Embed VIMEO videos in Blogger?

        Vimeo again makes it easy for us, when you click in the box, the code is selected automatically.

        5. Now go to your site:
        • - Select the page or post where you want to embed the video 
        • - In the html mode of the page, place the cursor at the spot where you want to show the video 
        • - Press CTRL+V (paste for Windows) or Command+C(paste for MacOs) to paste the code into the page.

        That's it. You now successfully embed VIMEO video on your Blog. 

        Goodluck! and Happy Vlogging everyone. 
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        Video - Video Blogger Template

        Video is Video Blogger Template is a professionally designed movie and video blogger theme. This is a fully responsive theme that fits any screen size with ease. Loaded with functional widgets it gives you an amazing canvas to create most perfect and unique looking blog for your videos and short films. It helps you to publish youtube and other platform videos with help of iframe. if you have a youtube channel, then you can create your very own video library blog. It is a perfect template for YouTubers, Video Tutorials, Online Courses and video blogs.

        Best for Blogs:
        Also suited for tech news, magazine blog, authority, food, niche, travel, games, sports. This theme comes in two color option in dark and light color combination of white and black and red as action color.

        Template Features:
        Tabbed Widget Ready, 3 Columns Footer, Slideshow, Page Navigation Menu, Red, White, Black, Ads Ready, 1 Sidebar, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean, Minimalist, Seo Ready, Magazine, Free Premium, Right Sidebar, Gallery, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, Web2.0, Video, WhatsApp Sharing.

        How to install Blogger Templates : Click here
        Template name : VIDEO
        Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
        Author :  SORA Templates

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        VideoPlay - Video Blogger Template

        VideoPlay Blogger Template is a premium looking video blogspot theme. It is a fully featured video focused theme which is specially made for youtube content creators.It is a perfect template for YouTubers, Video Tutorials, and video blogs.


        This theme comes in two color combination of dark and light color combination of white and black. Simple, Fast Loading, Responsive, Seo Ready, Adapted From WordPress, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Drop Down Menu, Social Bookmark Ready, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumbnails, Clean, Browser Compatibility, Black, White, Video, 3 Columns Footer, Magazine, WhatsApp Sharing.

        Template name : VideoPlay
        Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
        Author :  Odd Themes

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        Vebtube Video Blogger Template

        VebTube is a simple and responsive blogger template for video bloggers. This vlog template supports 3 famous video hosting sites. Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. It will automatically generate thumbnail images and show in Home Page and Archive pages of your blog.

        Template name : Vebtube
        Platform: Blogger / Blogspot

        Features of Vebtube

        2 Column Blogger Template
        Responsive Layout in most of devices
        Automatic thumbnails of videos
        Support for youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion

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        VideoShow - Video Blogger Template

        VideoShow is a Dark, 100% Responsive, 3 Columns Blogger Template for Games/Movies Blogs. VideoShow Blogger Template has Google Fonts, Featured Post Slider, 2 Navigation Menus, Header Banner Widget, Related Posts with Thumbnails, Breadcrumb, Social and Share Buttons, 2 Right Sidebars, 3 Columns Footer, Tabbed Widget and More Features.

        Template type : 2 Sidebars, 3 Columns, 3 Columns Footer, Adapted from WordPress, Black, Breadcrumb, Elegant, Featured Section, Fixed width, Responsive, Grey, jQuery Included, Header Banner, HTML5, CSS3, Magazine, Mobile Friendly, Premium, Red, Related Posts with Thumbnails, Right Sidebars, Slider, Share Buttons, Social Buttons, Tabbed widget, Top Navigation Menu, Web 2.0

        Template name : VideoShow
        Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
        Author :  Lasantha Bandara
        Designer: https://flexithemes.com/videoshow-wordpress-theme/
        How to install template: Click Here

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        Video Blogger Template: Pixelz Blogger Template

        Pixelz blogger template is one of my favorite used template for vlog. I Just add a little coding for fetching youtube videos with auto thumbnail and it is good to go. Just see below in the demo the actual vlog I created.

        Pixelz feature:

        Pixelz Blogger Template is a blog magazine blogspot theme. It is a responsive theme and made with perfection to match the exact dimension of any screen size or device. Best Suitable for newspaper, tech, DIY. howTo, Authority, portfolio, photography, corporate, onepage business, app launching, multi niche, blog, magazine and portaland personal type website. It is a semi magazine template with some outstanding content based widgets to showcase your important and eyecatching content on the upper fold of your blog. Made with latest trends and technologies it is highly optmized template and delivers some phenomenal performance in SEO and bounce rate. With this theme you can achieve more than you you will expect with ease. Loaded with impressed color combination of white and black with green as an action color, it is a easy to customize theme that supports blogger’s default customizer, which makes your life easy. Seo Ready, Ads Ready, Magazine, Responsive, Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, Drop Down Menu, Adapted From WordPress, News, Technology, 3 Columns Footer, 1 Right Sidebar, Social Bookmark Ready, Multi Colors, Post Thumbnails, Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, Elegant, Stylish, Fashion, Slideshow, Free Premium, Business, WhatsApp Sharing.

        Template name : Pixelz
        Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
        Author :  TemplatesYard
        Demo :  Pixelz Vlog
        Installing Template :  How to install template

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        How to Add Logo to Blogger Header


        In this tutorial,you are going to learn the basic thing on how to add a logo to Blogger Header.

        Logo is one of the important aspect that you need to consider when making a blog or website. Simply because a logo is the visual representation of your blog or website. Actually based from your logo visitors would already identify the type of blog or website you have.

        Adding logo to your site header is very simple. Just simply follow the steps below.

        How to Add Logo to Blogger header.

        Steps to follow:

        1. On your Dashboard, Click on "Edit" link of your header widget.

        Note: a new window will open.

        2. There are 2 ways to add your header logo image.

        A. From your computer - using this option you can upload a logo image from your hard disk.

        B. From the web - using this option you can give logo image URL to the input field has given. (If you already have uploaded it to somewhere)

        I recommend to continue with "From your computer" option, because uploading your logo to blogger, it will load fast.

        Select "Instead of title and description" as the "Placement" option.

        3. Select logo image from your hard drive.

        4. When upload complete, Save Header widget and refresh your site to see result. 

        Final results will be similar to below:

        Thats all, Thank you and  Happy Blogging!
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        MovieKhor Video Blogger Template

        MovieKhor Blogger Template is one of the best theme that’s especially comes for movies blogs. If you already have one movies website or going to create a new website related to movies trailer, movies reviews or anything like this then moviekhor blog template is going to be the best theme for you. Because it will not only make your blog super fast loading but it also comes with some other advanced features.

        The idea of this template is adapted from most popular videos or movies reviews websites. You may have visited some popular sites and usually, they would love to use these type of unique looking blogger themes. Because of the clean and fast loading design. The moviekhor blogger template is also going to help you to increase your ranking in search results. So we would highly recommend our readers to use this template for your movies blog.

        Template name : MovieKhor Blogger Template
        Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
        Author :  Templatemark

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