Vegeta - Video Blogger Template

VBT Introduces: Vegeta - Video Blogger Template

Template name : Vegeta
Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
Designer: Aumkar Thakur

Vegeta - Video Blogger Template    

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  1. Hello I am trying to find a template for video which is uploaded to blogger. not linked to youtube. is that possible to find?

    1. Yes it is possible to find. Actually you can choose any template given here. Just upload your video in blogger then add it on your post.

      Now most of the templates here have auto thumbnail appearing on your homepage when use a video from youtube. In this case you just have to use an image on your post to appear as thumbnail on your homepage.

  2. how we can use an image this i dont know ,when i upload video to blog it com on page but say no image or when i share the video then no image display come


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